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segunda-feira, 3 de novembro de 2014

Halloween Frozen Over ( muito bom )

Halloween Frozen Over

Every Halloween, there’s always that one popular costume that you see over and over again. For 2014, Frozen has taken fall by storm and Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s hilarious video helps you cope with this year’s “Elsaween.”

And it’s true. You can’t walk into a costume shop this year and not see a flurry of people surrounding the Frozen costumes.


Disney Store has many Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars costumes for kids and adults this year. But the most popular? You’ve got it—Elsa.


Frozen fashion show at their consumer products campus in Glendale, California kicked off Disney Store’s Halloween season earlier this season.


Olaf is the obvious choice for boys.


“Elsaween” doesn’t end with just costumes. Disneyland’s Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch is getting in on the act and has Disney artists designing all sorts of Frozen pumpkin creations.


We especially enjoyed this pumpkin version of Olaf with glitter paint to give him an extra glisten.


So happy Frozen Halloween! And if you happen to run into someone who’s wearing the same Elsa costume as you this year, just remember to “let it go.”

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